cal.jpgDigital & Laser Colour
Digital & Laser Black & White
Self Service Colour & B/W
Panorama prints, 1 metre x 297 mm
Printing from Originals, Disk,
External drives, Memory cards,
USB or E-Mail

B/W – Grayscale – Colour
Digital plan printing to AOO size
Enlargements & Reductions
Copy from originals
Print from disk, External devises or Email
Scanning to disk, External devises or Email
In colour or gray scale
(PDF, Tiff, DWG,JPG)

bcards.jpgBusiness Cards, Brochures,
Flyers, Postcards, Invitations,
Labels, Bumper Stickers,
Booklets, Newsletters, (A4 or A5)
Self Carboning numbered Invoice
or Statement books, Quote, Orders etc.
Perforated tickets.